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In rough times and even in times when the country flourished, entire generations of our ancestors worked according to their possibilities on the development of their country. The stained-glass windows in our cathedrals, for instance, stand as a witness to this effort. Oftentimes, even after more than a hundred years, we can still read the names of the donors. It could have been an individual or even a company. Therefore, when we’re walking through the St Vitus Cathedral, we can come across writings that seem unusual for this place, such as “Banka Slávie” (The Bank Slávie) or “1. vzájemná pojišťovna” (The First Mutual Insurance Company). The donor of the famous Bílek Cross was our first president T. G. Masaryk, however, his name was removed by the communist regime. There are plates on the ground-floor of the large cathedral tower that bear the names of dozens of generous donors that gave money for the completion and beautification of “our” cathedral.

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